Thursday, June 21, 2012

When to begin the childs training - Chapter 3

"True education embraces physical, mental, and moral training, in order that all the powers shall be fitted for the best development, to do service for God, and to work for the uplifting of humanity." {CSA 65.2}

A true education is much more then I ever thought it to mean. Most people would say that an education is a course of study, true, but we are wanting a TRUE education. One that will fit us for our heavenly home above and also fit us for service here on earth. Our main responsibility to our children is to mold and fashion their CHARACTER.

"Character does not come by chance. It is not determined by one outburst of temper, one step in the wrong direction. It is the repetition of the act that causes it to become habit, and molds the character either for good or for evil. Right characters can be formed only by persevering, untiring effort, by improving every entrusted talent and capability to the glory of God."  {CG 164.1} 

So when should the childs 'true education' begin? When the infant is in the mothers arms and is able to form it's own idea. So when is that you may ask? I have seen in my children that it has been very early on in their babyhood, even in the first few months. It is amazing how a baby can even learn how to get something it wants by screaming and demanding attention. Yes, babies cry as a form of communication, I completely recognize that, but there is a difference between a need and a demanding want. So why should the education and training of a child commence at babyhood? "The work of education and training should commence with the babyhood of the child; for then the mind is the most impressible, and the lessons given are remembered."  {CG 26.3}  

As a parents, we must be first trained and disciplined ourselves before we can train our children. Our children are God's property and they have been bought with a price, the price of Christs blood at Calvary. Parents - these children are not yours, they are Christs and need to be treated in a Christlike manner. Are you doing your best? I pray for forgiveness in my many mistakes, but God is merciful and He is working with us all.

This statement I found had great impact on me:  
"The first child especially should be trained with great care, for he will educate the rest."  {CG 27.4} 
How I have found this to be true. Younger siblings love to copy and follow in the footsteps of their older brother/sister, they want to be just like them. It also works in the same way with the older sibling; they want to be like their parents and will copy what they do. It is a chain reaction that starts off with us! Are we giving the right example that we want passed down through all of our generations? We definetly have something to consider here. Let us prayerfully and with earnest endeavour do our part.

God Bless!

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