Saturday, September 15, 2012

Care in Handling Property

Have you ever gone to look for something and you cannot find it in the place where you left it? Then a couple of days later you find it in your childs bedroom or stashed away in some bizarre place. Well we have had that experience a few times with our boys and it is often with Imads tools, so we thought that it was time to explain the importance of not touching other peoples 'property' without permission. So it has become a household rule for all to not touch or use someone elses 'property' unless you have asked and they have given you permission. In 'Child Guidance' it states that a child will not be happier if allowed to touch what they like, but will in actual fact grow up unlovely and with destructive traits of character. How important is it for us to teach these simple lessons.

Putting things away where they belong after use is also very important. It is one thing that can really bother me when things are left lying around and not put away. Mandy, who is a close friend of mine sent me this fantastic idea. You can print the 'Uh Oh' paper here. Some of her children ended up in the box too :o)

Have a blessed week!

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