Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Key to Happiness and Success - Chapter 10

"Unfaithfulness in that which is least will soon, if uncorrected, lead to transgression in that which is great"     Child Guidance Pg 80
How true is the above statement. I have at times with my boys overlooked 'small' issues and then over time they have become HUGE issues which have caused me and the rest of the family great pain. How true is the saying 'Nip it in the bud'.
Some people may think it untrue that a child would be much happier when they obey, but it is true, I have seen it from experience in our family. When our boys choose to obey, the end result is happiness all around. This obedience we must strive to have continually and promptly, and this issue has been a current one in our home. For example, yesterday afternoon I asked my eldest boy to come help me pick all the snowpeas off the vines before pulling out the plants, he promptly came and was very excited to do the job. When we got to the backyard his attention was drawn to the chooks and off he ran to them. I called him back and he answered that he was coming, but, he never came. I called again, and again he said that he was coming, but again, he never came. After having a talk to him and the making sure that he helped me with the gardening, I prayed about how I could teach him the lesson of promptness. So this morning I tried something a little different, while the boys were tidying their rooms I prepared breakfast for my husband and I, we prayed and started eating without them (something that we have never done before). The boys came out after tidying their room and asked where their breakfast was. I calmly stated that I would get it soon, but then kept on eating. They asked me a few more times and I answered with the same "I will, I will get up now and prepare it" but I never followed through. They then looked at me straight in the eyes and said "Why are you saying that you will get breakfast but you then don't go and get it for us?" Aha - my chance had finally come! After an explanation of how promptness and obedience is important and giving a few examples of when they have not followed through we shared a few laughs and enjoyed breakfast together. I hope the lesson worked!
Satan will try to convince us that Gods standard is to strict but do not listen to that. We know that strict obedience to Gods holy law will bring happiness to us, and in turn strict obedience of the children to us will bring happiness into the home. Remember, make it easy for your children to obey, wear a smile on your face and encourage them to do right.
May it be your prayer this week to keep your children true to the Lord.
May the Lord bless you.

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