Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum 2013

I can't believe that we are already half way through Term 1 of 2013! Where has the time gone?! It has taken quite some time to get my head around schooling both the boys this year and working out a schedule that fits around Raphael (6 months old now!) and the rest of our busy life. We are also still figuring out the best curriculum options, but we are getting their slowly. We also made the decision to go through Groves Christian College which has an Distance Education Department and so far we are counting the blessings of this decision. Groves runs workshops, excursions, BBQs, etc... for all the students and the boys always look forward to the next event. Our next event is a 'Survival Workshop', the boys are so eager and think that they will come out fully trained to combat and survive in natural disaster or situation they find themselves in. So with no further delay, here is our curriculum choice for 2013:

Danny our 'Rescue Helicopter Man' - Grade 2:
  • Phonics and Reading - 'Rod and Staff' Bible and Nurture Reader Series. The reading program is just awesome. It has worked so well for Danny and he continues to amaze me with his reading skills.
  • English 
    • Groves Creative Writing CUR
    • Rod and Staff English
  • Handwriting - A Reason for Handwriting (Manuscript A)
  • Spelling - New Spell of Words
  • Math - Horizons (Alpha Omega Publications)
  • Science - Abeka (I think we will have to find something else as it is a little to easy - maybe 'Apologia')
  • Christian Living - My Bible First - This program is just fantastic! Sooo nice and easy to follow and the boys are memorizing their verses each week. The worksheets which go along are just great too.
  • Art - This is definitely one of my weak points. I love art but I am not so good at it, so Praise God that we now have a close friend of mine (who is an Art teacher) doing Art class with them once a week!
  • Language - The boys have both started Arabic Classes with our very dear friend Amu (uncle in Arabic) Nader. The boys are soooo excited to think that they will be able to speak Arabic to each other and no one will understand what they are saying -- cheeky boys!
  • Music - Danny is participating in his first Eisteddfod playing the piano so we are looking forward to that.
Yes there are plenty of other extras that we do each week: SOSE (Study of Society and its Environment), Geography, Technology, PE, etc.. the list goes on and on and on.. but we are having fun!

Mighty Machine Marco - Prep:
  • Phonics and Reading - Rod and Staff (again), but I may be changing my phonics program to 'All About Spelling' as we need something a little more hands on and visual. Will definitely stay with the reading program of R&S though - great stuff!
  • Handwriting - Targeting Handwriting
  • Math - Horizon; we are already half way through so may go up to the next grade or look at other options once we get there.
  • Science - Abeka; but again its a little to easy so we are just doing the same as Danny.
  • Christian Living - My Bible First - excellent!  He is actually remembering his memory verses!
  • Art - Our wonderful friend is doing Art Class with the boys - can't count my blessings enough!
  • Language - Arabic with Amu (uncle) Nader
  • Music - We have just started Piano lessons - he is enthusiastic as ever. I love watching his chubby little fingers move over the piano :o)
And yes, he too completes a mountain of extra curricular things each week.By the end of the week we are ever so thankful for the Sabbath, and to spend a day in nature and learning more about our loving Saviour and Lord.

I will review our curriculum options half way through the year and so how we are running with it all. Hope that your school year is running ahead smoothly - Blessings!

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