Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keeping Home Clean

 In the early days of parenthood it can be hard to find the time to keep the house clean and organised, yet alone get out of your pajamas on some days. We have the option to "let it all go", but this only leads to feeling a little 'down in the dumps' and feeling that we are unable to cope. There are a few sure-proof ways to keep the sanity in your home when it comes to cleaning.
  • Clean as you go
  • Make sure that everything has a "spot" and it goes back there once you have finished using it.

10 Little Tasks To Do Each Day:
  1. Make the bed (2 mins) - It's amazing how the rest of the bedroom looks much cleaner and organised when you have a well made bed.
  2. Put away clothes (2 mins) - Fold and put it away if clean. Take clothes straight to the laundry and place in the hamper if dirty. This way you won't have a table or chair piled with clothes by the end of the week.
  3. Sort the mail (3 mins) - As soon as you get the mail, open it and throw out what you don't need. Action anything that can be done straight away.
  4. Tidy the Living Area (5mins) - This is the area where families spend the most time and also guests. So take away items that do not belong there, straighten the pillows on the couches and straighten the book pile.
  5. Wipe down the Bathroom Bench - (2mins) - I keep a sponge in my bathroom and each evening I wipe down the bathroom sink, bench and mirror. Take off anything that doesnt belong on the bench and straighten your lotion and soap.
  6. Scrub the toilet (1 min) - Give the toilet a quick scrub and wipe with disposable wipes.
  7. Clean spills (1 min) - As soon as something spills or splatters when you are cooking, wipe it straight away so it doesn't turn into a huge cleaning project later.
  8. Tidy Toys (5 mins) - Before the children start their evening routine put 5 minutes on a timer and get them to clean up their play area.
  9. Do the dishes and wipe down benches (10 minutes) - after each meal wash all the dishes and wipe down all the benches and put away anything that is not needed. Your kitchen will be a happier place to work in!
  10. Sweep or Vacuum (5 mins) - A quick clean in the high traffic areas of the home will keep it looking clean and will minimise the mopping at the end of the week.

5 Bigger Weekly Tasks:
  1. Laundry - Depending on the size of your family will determine how often you have to wash. Each evening I load the machine and let it run during the night and then first thing in the morning I can hang it. It gives me enough time to do another load in case I need to.
  2. Clear and clean all surfaces - Nothing makes you feel more overwhelmed then clutter on the dining table, benches, dressing table, desks, heaters, etc.. Give a good dusting too.
  3. Ironing - Have an ironing evening which you can set aside. this way you won't have baskets full to conquer. Minimise ironing by shaking your clothes well before hanging on the line, or placing things in a dryer which don't need crease lines.
  4. Mop - The weekly mopping is what makes the house *sparkle*. 
  5. Scrub the bathroom - this wont take long if you have been wiping it down each evening.

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